Breo iSee4 Electric Eye Massager


Features and Programs

Breo Electric Massager iSee4 3Our eyes are under constant strain. Thanks to the innovations of the 21st century, we are always looking at something that blinks and shines. From the TV screen to the highly notorious smartphone screens, we are just not letting our eyes rest properly. It is damaging our eyes in a manner that is too horrible, but will we realize? Luckily, the realization has hit some of us, who are worried and desperate about a solution. A solution that minimizes some of the daily ocular stress. In today’s discussion, we share one such successful idea: The Breo isee4 wireless digital eye massager with heat compression and music. Reading such a lengthy name must have hurt your eyes! The Breo isee4 eye massager is an excellent choice for your strained eyes. However, before you close your eyes again and follow us blindly, you must ask, WHY. Why this product, and not a thousand others in the market? Well, let us answer that question with features of Breo isee4 wireless eye massager. 

 A massager for fatigue relief in case of eyes, and not the eye drops. Why you might ask? Well, simply because the powerful motors installed in this wonderful massager will help you enjoy a longer eye relief than a temporary one, which you get from ocular ointments. Heat therapy is better than hot towels. It is so because it can maintain the level of heat at a constant level. Heat is one of the most effective ways of relieving your eyes to all the stress. Not only that, but you also say goodbye to dry eyes, eye bags, and certain other ocular problems.  

Done with the functioning, let us talk about the ergonomic design of this shiatsu massager for dry eye and eye strain. The first thing to admire is of course the weight. This is a lightweight massager, while the competitors are quite bulky. The design itself is one that favors portability. You can easily fold the massager and carry it around with you, almost anywhere.

Well, if you were thinking of buying a gift for one of your family members, or friends who have ocular stress problems as well, here is your chance. Buy them this cool electric eye massager. If you feel like you need to know more about this product, let us jump to the specs right now.


Vibration decibel: 60 decibels

Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

Battery needed 1 lithium-ion battery

Warranty & Service

Breo products come with a one-year warranty, so we assume that the rule applies to this device as well. No repairs after one year are free of cost. A full refund is guaranteed if you are willing to return the product within the first 30 days of the purchase. Oh, and the customer care service is a nice once as well, Breo has appointed some very helpful folks over there.

Pros & Cons


  • Air pressure- It is not the air pressure, but the intelligent way in which this pressure is used to emulate the shiatsu kneading massage. Quite a complex bit of technology is used to achieve it, mind you.

  • Fits all faces- Well, that is just one big problem solved, is not it? The 180 foldable mask used in the Breo eye massager is one that fits most face sizes.


  • Noise – Makes loud noise when inflating and deflating. This can be quite annoying.

  • Vibration needs to be stronger as well.

Questions & Answers

breo isee4 in use 4Where can I find Breo eye massager?

Amazon is one of the most convenient places to purchase a product. You can find Breo eye massager there.

How to clean Breo eye massager? 

The best way to clean the Breo eye massager is to wipe it with some aesthetic cotton and alcohol. Washing under running water or immersing in water can be damaging for the eye massager.

Where are Breo eye massager factories?

These factories are located in Shenzhen, China.

What is the difference between I see 4 v I see 35?

The iSee 4 versions feature stronger vibrations.

Does it make a loud noise?

While t does make a bit of extra noise while inflating or deflating, we have no reason to classify its normal operation as terribly loud.

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