How to Choose a Massager for Cervical Osteochondrosis

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Statistically, one in three people suffers from constant or intermittent neck and shoulder pain. This is the most common pain experienced by people of all ages. It is associated with long sitting in an uncomfortable position, long car rides and so on. The cause of such painful sensations is most often cervical osteochondrosis. The disease is not a pleasant one, but it can be treated nevertheless.

Cervical Osteochondrosis pain

And the main therapeutic method for this is massage. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to visit a masseur and pay enough attention to their health. But there is a way out! A great alternative to massage procedures – massager for the back, neck, and shoulders. The device is popular and versatile. It can be used independently at home, in the office, and even behind the wheel of a car. There are several varieties of these massagers, they have different purposes, functions, and benefits.

Variety of choices

There is a huge variety of massage devices. They include manual and electric, in the form of pillows, collars and capes. You should choose the right one based on personal considerations, as well as the goals you set for yourself. Some devices are reasonably priced, while others are quite expensive. Before choosing, it is necessary to study additional information so that the purchase was really necessary and useful.

Roller Massager for Neck and Shoulders

If the problem is local – the neck and shoulders hurt, then you can do with a small device with rollers. The simplest roller massager for the neck and shoulders is a device made of wood. It consists of a caprone rope, handles and drums. It is extremely easy to use, no special skills are required. Just hold on to both handles and massage your neck, back, or any part of your body with the rollers. The balls are rolling and thus “accelerate” the blood and improve your general well-being.

More modern options are represented by roller massage cushions. Such a cervical massager for osteochondrosis can be bought at a fairly reasonable cost. To massage, it is enough to put the device to a painful place and turn it on. As a rule, they are equipped with several modes of intensity. Much more convenient than manual devices, the results are seen much faster.

Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

The electric collar zone massager is very effective. The devices can be used independently or with assistance. The package includes several nozzles. Provides several modes of operation, different speeds, as well as – the possibility of heating.

This work is based on vibration stimuli, which irritate the muscles and receptors. As a result, fatigue and tension disappear. With regular use, cell metabolism is accelerated, the nervous system is normalized.

Neck and shoulder massager with a warming effect is especially effective in the initial stages of osteochondrosis.

Car Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat

The device resembles a pillow, which has an ergonomic shape. Car neck massager can be used not only on the road, but also at home. Inside the product is a special system of rollers, which massage the neck and shoulder area. In addition, the pillow works on heating, it helps to relax muscles, relieves pain, helps to relax. Works from the mains or car cigarette lighter.

Massaging Heating Pad for Shoulders

Massaging Heating Pad for Shoulders
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It is a special cape, which is fixed in the chest area. The mechanism, based on rollers, helps to knead the neck area, the effect is noticeable literally from the first minutes. It makes sense to buy the neck collar if you are suffering from pain in the shoulder and thoracic region.

The device is larger than a neck and shoulder massager in the form of a pillow, it allows you to work on large areas at once. The intensity is adjustable, as is the angle of impact – all you have to do is adjust the straps. The device is versatile and has many other advantages:

  • adjustable intensity of work;
  • versatility;
  • quality relief from painful manifestations.

Which massager for cervical osteochondrosis is right for you?

Classic massage involves the use of four main techniques – stroking, tapping, kneading, and relaxing vibrations. They are chosen depending on the objectives: vibration relieves tension, kneading works the muscles deeply and increases blood circulation. The same applies to self-massagers.

Do you want to massage the whole back? Then the best option would be a cape for a chair with shiatsu rollers. But it is worth considering your threshold of pain, many users feel that such ball movements are too rough and painful.

Handheld electric massager, equipped with massaging heads, can relieve even severe muscle tension and relieve spasms. The ideal solution is to use them after intensive sports activities or after prolonged sitting at the computer.

If the main problem is concentrated exactly in the collar zone, it is enough to buy a roller device with straps. For car owners who spend a lot of time driving, vibro capes with heating function are topical.

Deserve special attention pulse massagers and myostimulators. From a technical point of view, these are electrostimulation devices. Buying, pay attention to the labeling TENS or EMS. These are different types, but some models can successfully combine characteristics.

TENS is a massager that works on the principle of impulsivity. The essence of the work is that the surface nerves are irritated by the current. This method passed all the tests, its effectiveness was proved. Excellent for chronic pain, including those caused by osteochondrosis, neuralgia.

EMS is a kind of muscle stimulator. The device is designed to increase muscle tone, even in people confined to bed. Proved useful as part of a rehabilitation program after a stroke.

Possible Contraindications

Possible contraindications of massagers for osteochondrosis

If you decide to buy a massager for the collar zone, you should understand that there are several serious contraindications to the use of such devices. With them you should get acquainted even before you buy the device. And even better – go to the doctor and consult on this issue with him.

Thus, the electric massager for neck and shoulders is not recommended for home use by patients with a list of certain diseases. Among the most common contraindications – chronic diseases, especially in the period of exacerbation. Those who have open wounds or inflammations on the body will have to refuse to use it. Of course, until it all goes away.

Not suitable massager hypertensive people in the acute stage, people with cancer, atherosclerosis. Direct contraindications to use – susceptibility to bleeding, fever, lung failure. It is strongly not recommended to use home devices for children under the age of 14 years. Women in critical days, while carrying a child and breast-feeding should be postponed with the procedures.