Best Recliners – Top Picks and Reviews 2020

After all the hullabaloo of a tiring day, which of course includes those long driving hours of driving and unwanted stress, it’s good to come home to quiet and relaxation. We sometimes daydream of putting my feet up on that one envious piece of furniture, that some have yet to get their hands on.

Yep! We are referring to the recliner chair, which is preferred by many users since it offers amazing comfort. The best part of buying a recliner is that you could lounge at your own comfort level, while watching a movie, reading your favorite book or taking a quick nap. Unlike beds, recliners have the extra benefits of providing good neck and lumbar support. Just imagine the tranquility, as we discuss everything you need to know before investing in the best recliner chair.

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Homall Single Recliner Chair 5

Homall Single Recliner Chair

Price: $$
Dimensions: 29.2 x 20.7 x 27.7"
Maximum capacity: 265 Pounds
Material: High-quality PU leather
Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman 6

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman

Price: $$
Dimensions: 25.5 x 21.5 x 38.5"
Maximum capacity: 250 Pounds
Material: Denim
ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner 7

ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner

Price: $$$
Dimensions: 38 x 35 x 40"
Maximum capacity: 250 Pounds
Material:  Microfiber, Wood
FDW Recliner Chair 8

FDW Recliner Chair

Price: $
Dimensions: 34 x 27 x 38.9"
Maximum capacity: 265 Pounds
Material: Waterproof durable PU
Esright Massage Recliner Chair 9

Esright Massage Recliner Chair (Heated)

Price: $$$
Dimensions: 33,5 x 35,8 x 43,2"
Maximum capacity: 300 Pounds
Material: PU leather
Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner 10

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

Price: $$$$
Dimensions: 34,6 x 30,7 x 41"
Maximum capacity: 320 Pounds
Material: Fabric
Flash Furniture Kids Recliner 11

Flash Furniture Kids Recliner with Storage Arms

Price: $
Dimensions: 39 x 25 x 28"
Maximum capacity: 90 Pounds
Material: Black Leather
U MAX Power Lift Recliner 12

U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair Wall Hugger PU Leather with Remote Control (Brown)

Price: $$$$
Dimensions: 33 x 44 x 35"
Maximum capacity: 330 Pounds
Material: PU Leather
Flash Furniture LeatherSoft Recliner 13

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG and Ottoman

Price: $
Dimensions: 39 x 27,2 x 37,5"
Maximum capacity: 250 Pounds
Material: Leather
CANMOV Leather Recliner 14

CANMOV Leather Recliner Chair

Price: $$$
Dimensions: 34.8 x 30.2 x 25.5"
Maximum capacity: 300 Pounds
Material: Faux Leather

Who makes the best recliners?

1. Homall Reclining Leather for Theatre Seating

Storkcraft Customized Glider Ottoman Espresso for Comfortable SeatingThis is the perfect chair if you are looking for super comfort. The setup is very easy, and it looks exactly as expected. Feel free to keep your legs on the footrest, and use it like any other recliner. This chair is built solid, and you will not find any issues…even after regular use. This product is definitely worth the price, and this is an excellent choice for a recliner.

The material is PU leather, which can bring the highest comfort. Because the sponge used is thicker, it provides high permeability and high resilience. This sleeping recliner comes with a push-back mechanism, as well as an adjustable footrest. The armrests are wider and in a curved shape, which conforms to your body. It also has a thicker recliner back, and a large size cushion. This recliner is designed with a high, durable steel frame, which is covered with foam padding. This is the best choice for the living room, where you can easily fall asleep lounging in this chair.

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2. Storkcraft Customized Glider Ottoman Espresso for Comfortable Seating

Storkcraft Customized Glider Ottoman Espresso for Comfortable SeatingThis is best for anyone in the family as they lounge, watch television, or even while rocking the kids to sleep. It can easily fit in a den or “seating room”, which is more than generous. The arms provide a gliding motion, because of the enclosed ball bearings. They are also perfectly padded with cushions and have convenient storage pockets. You can make use of those storage pockets for keeping reading materials, or essentials within arm’s reach.

The best part is, this product is available in multiple colors, which can be matched with your beds, mattresses, dressers and changing tables. The maximum weight recommended is 250 pounds, and that is more than enough. This product ensures high durability because the glider is made using hardwood material.

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3. ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner

ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner​This is the perfect chair for those inevitable lazy days, and well worth the price! Furthermore, assembly is so easy, anyone can do it. This is quite an attractive-looking piece of furniture that would look great in any living room. The material used is a very comfortable, polyester microfiber, and is designed with sturdy hardwood frames and armrests. This can be considered the best lazy boy recliner for back pain, it is compact and the best choice for smaller rooms.

This is the best recliner if you have kids at home, considering it is also stain-resistant. There is a pull lever for footrest extension, and side knob which helps in lowering the back. As mentioned, since it is very easy to assemble, comfortable, stain-resistant and highly durable, it is worth the money. This chair can last longer in your living room and will provide you with the comfort you expect from comfy recliner chairs.

4. FDW Recliner Chair

FDW Recliner Chair 15The best part of this recliner sofa is it only takes a few minutes to install and it’s ready for use. You just need to club the chair’s back onto the base part, screw 4 legs and you are done. It doesn’t even need complicated tools. This chair is a multipurpose recliner, and it can be suitable for businesses, pubs, and homes. This is sunlight resistant, with an excellent appearance.

This recliner chair can easily accompany the entire family and friends. They’ll be waiting for their turn to relax on this best reclining couch. This model becomes a great choice, with its sleek, sophisticated and modern. This recliner is the best for home or office decor.

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5. Sturdy Faux Leather Recliner Seating

Esright Massage Recliner Chair 16There are many things to love, which can make it one of the most comfortable recliner chairs, and some of them are it’s features: vibration, it reclines, rocking ability and it’s heating capable. There are many features for the best price, so should be included amongst the best recliner you should invest in. This recliner comes with remote control and a power cord, which should be used for the massaging function. It is highly comfortable because it has double comfort and it is thickly padded.

It is made using a sturdy and faux leather design, which is perfect for intensive use. It is padded using extra-thick sponging, both for armrests and back cushion. This recliner has two cup holders and one extra storage bag, maybe for magazines or books. This can be considered the best recliner for relaxing and watching TV. It can be kept either in the reading room or in the bedroom.

6. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner 17This is one of the best choices if you are looking for the best power lift recliners. There will be less stress on your back and knees when lifting since it comes with a counter-balanced lift mechanism. You can easily adjust this chair to any customized position, hassle-free. This recliner has overstuffed padding along with simple lines, which are sketched out into the backrest. The pillow top arms are also overstuffed, and it makes them very comfortable. The surface is cloth treated, and it is characterized by good elasticity, silky hand, along with anti-pilling and anti-felting.

This best recliner has a few attractive features, as it comes with USB outlets and dual side pockets. You can charge your always-needed devices while relaxing, and keep small items at arm’s length. The lift motors have exhibited better performance, they assure you longer service lifespan and quiet operation.

7. Flash Furniture Leather Recliner for Kids

Flash Furniture Kids Recliner 18If you’re in need of a relaxing recliner for your child that is comfortable for his/her size, then go for it. This is the best model among all recliners available online, and for the best price as well. If you have living room furniture suitable for you, and your child wants their own recliner then, make him/her comfortable with the best glider chair for nursery. This is designed and made for kids, with high-quality leather and it makes them comfortable in minutes.

It has all the features of the common recliner, the best swivel glider and comes with a headrest cover. It also features push padded back, along with arms. When the kid is really tired and needs to relax, he/she can either sit on it or take a nap, by adjusting the position. The footrest and headrest are easily adjustable, and kids can easily operate this without any assistance.

8. Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG

Flash Furniture LeatherSoft Recliner 19If you are in search of a comfortable, attractive, sleek and affordable chair, this is the right choice. Even though it looks really sleek it doesn’t wobble, but it is lightweight and easy to move. Since it is not slanted, there will not be any pressure on the knee. This chair is easiest amongst all the chairs to assemble, and you can fit all parts hassle-free.

Black color looks very classy, and nicely adds to any office or home decor. It is worth the money paid and the best choice for the small space. This chair easily and smoothly reclines, knob adjustment is easy and you get enough head and back support.

9. U-max Soft PU Leather Recliner

U MAX Power Lift Recliner 20This recliner is made using sturdy and soft PU leather. There is an extra layer of sponge for padding in the armrest, head and even at back. The best part of this chair is, there is an electric-powered mechanism, which can lift up safely and smoothly. The best recliner for a big and tall man, that’s easy to use and easy to assemble. This recliner comes with two separate remote controllers, which operate all features (nothing manual). You can make use of one of the remotes for reclining and lifting, and others for footrest and back control.

This recliner mainly focuses on massaging four areas: back, lumbar, thighs, and leg. There are five main modes of operations: press, pulse, auto, wave and normal. It can fulfill all kinds of demands when it comes to massaging and heat functions and is made available for the lumbar part.

10. CANMOV Leather Recliner for Luxurious Seating

CANMOV Leather Recliner 21If you are in search of luxurious recliners then, this is the right choice. This is a breathable, bonded recliner made of leather and high-density foam. This chair is designed with a laminated, veneer lumber system, for providing maximum stability and comfort. It is the right choice for the bedroom and living room, but it also goes well with the home theatre.

This chair comes with two overstuffed pillows, one at the back and the other at the head. It can be considered one of the best swivel glider recliners,  can be used for sleeping, watching TV and for reading books. This chair can bring extreme comfort for your neck and back. It offers a very smooth reclining mechanism and results in a tranquil lounging experience. Since it features brass nails, this chair is luxurious and classy, and the best piece for home décor. For extending the footrest, you can pull the lever at the armrest and when not in use, it goes back to the lock-in position.

Buying Guide for Recliner Chairs

Based on how you plan to relax in a recliner chair, it will have a huge impact on picking the right style. Most of the best recliners of 2020, use a particular lever to place it in the desired mode. However, if you want to opt for an electric reclining chair, then you would change position with the press of a button. There are various types of recliner chairs available on the market, and you may pick your favorite.

The Types of Recliner Chairs

two positions recliner 22

Two-Position Recliner Chair

It allows you to shift between two individual positions. You can place it as is, or you may opt for an upright or entirely reclined position. Because there is no other reclining position available, such chairs generally are the cheapest among the rest.

rocker 23

Rocker Reclining Chair

Rocker reclining chairs have multiple positioning angles. For example, the footrest can take you all the way up. But on the other hand, the back may be set about an inch lower. These are ideal for a small apartment, since you may place it closer to a wall.

push back reclining chair 24

Push Back Reclining Chair

These are also known as a flex back reclining chair because you push back in the seat to get the recliner position. Considering the only part that is adjusted is the back, it would be ideal for a small space or apartment.

riser reclining chair 25

Riser Reclining Chair

A riser or lift reclining chair is usually a motor-powered recliner, which can lift upward and then recline. It is an ideal option for elderly people, as it allows them to get out of this recliner with ease. Perfect for people with disabilities and face difficulties with moving.

wall hugger reclining chair 26

Wall Hugger Reclining Chair

Wall hugging reclining chairs are the best variations if your home is small in size. Such a chair can recline, and the seat can be pushed in the forward section. As a result, you will be able to keep the chair close to the wall.

big and tall reclining chair 27

Big and Tall Reclining Chair

This is extremely self-descriptive because these reclining chairs offer just what it says. It is tall, big and extra-large. Such chairs are designed to take a lot of weight, as compared to other best recliners for tall men.

Important Things to Consider, When Buying a Reclining Chair

Before buying a reclining chair, there are several things you must keep in mind. If you neglect these, you may end up getting the wrong reclining chair for your home. As we already mentioned, some chairs are better for bulky people, while others are ideal for a small home. If you buy a big and tall reclining chair for a small home, then it can be troublesome to accommodate. On the other hand, if you get yourself an average chair, then a bulky person may find it uncomfortable to sit or lie down comfortably on the reclining chair.

Therefore, you need to follow a few considerations when preparing to buy a reclining chair:


Size of the Room

If the size of the room is not too big, then you have to invest in a smaller reclining chair. But if you have more space in the room, you may buy a bigger one. Such a big reclining chair may make it difficult for anyone with a small apartment. Also, every reclining chair needs about 1 to 3 feet of space from the wall in the desired room, so that the backside can be reclined properly.


The Size of Your Body

It will be extremely awkward, not to mention a bad purchase, if your reclining chair cannot fit your body type properly. If you have a thin structure, then you will find it difficult to operate a big chair. Also, pick the best oversized zero gravity chair that possesses a little extra inch, so your head comfortably fits, and the feet are properly rested. This will enhance your comfort. Furthermore, if you are getting a reclining chair for disabled people, you need to buy the right one to avoid them having trouble with it.



Pick a chair that has heavy screws so that the chair does not fall apart after reclining just a little bit. You should purchase something that will last a long time. Get a reclining chair that features a quiet motor so that it doesn’t irritate you with a whining sound, while you are dozing off. Also, check the condition of the headrest and feet placer. Make sure that the cushions are comfortable enough for you to sit or lie down.

Must-Have Features of the Most Comfortable Reclining Chair

woman in recliner 28

Now that you have already decided the type and made all possible considerations about buying a reclining chair, now for those must-have features for every comfortable reclining chair. Check these out before picking the right one.

  • A glide base or rocker chair

    Not all the rocker chairs have a typical rocking feature. But some of the best small recliners have the potential to move the chair back and forth, just like any other rocking chair. This is the best option for the people who have a tendency to fall asleep, and for those mothers who love to nurse their children while sitting in a reclining chair.

  • Swivel base

    This type of reclining chair is the best option if one seeks to swivel around in the chair. You will be allowed to face any point, with the help of such a chair.

  • Massage option

    If you have a bit larger budget for a reclining chair, choose this instead of the ordinary ones. Here you will be able to relax and enjoy all the features of a reclining chair, and additionally have the chair massage your back. Incorporating a massage will make you feel like you are on cloud nine. Simply press a button and feel a vibrating sensation. This will energize you. You can pick whether to operate it in medium, high or low mode. But make sure not to keep it on all the time.

  • Lay Flat

    Remember that all the reclining chairs do not allow you to lay flat. Most of the time, reclining chairs allow you to recline at a 45-degree angle. Therefore, if you want the recliner to lay flat totally, invest in this one because it can get down from an upright position to a flat position. These are ideal for the people who love to sleep on the chair, instead of just dozing off. However, you need to ensure that your home has enough space to accommodate this type of reclining chair since such chairs take up a lot of space to lay flat.

  • Holder and pockets

    How many times have you started watching a movie and forgot where you have placed the remote controller? Almost, every time right? This will no longer be an issue because there are individual pockets and a holder where you can keep things for storage. These are not much more expensive than the average reclining chairs, so you can easily invest in one.

  • Built-in charger

    How irritated do you become when the battery on your phone drains, and you have to leave your comfortable chair for your charger, then put it in a socket? What if you could easily charge the phone while lying in your reclining chair without getting up, or using an extender? Yes, you heard it right. You can buy a reclining chair with a built-in charger for your phone and use it n your chair. No need to compromise your comfort.

Manual vs Electric Recliners: Which One Should You Pick?

The fundamental difference between a manual recliner and an electric one is only given in their name. An electric recliner operates with a power mechanism, which lets you adjust the chair with electricity. And the manual recliner needs to be adjusted through the traditional pulling lever. While deciding the best one for your home, you need to keep some crucial items in mind:

  • Maintenance: Electric recliners are prone to damage or failure with the elements. This is why they need to be maintained more precisely. Manual recliners are more straight forward, and traditional in that it requires very little maintenance.
  • Cost: Electric recliners are usually filled with excessive features, but the manual recliners do not have any electric components. For this reason, manual recliner is a more affordable option to purchase.
  • Versatility: One of the best features of the electric recliner is that here you will get various features and settings to choose from. From charging features to massaging features, an electric reclining chair can get you more than any other standard traditional or manual reclining chair.
  • Longevity: Since power or electric reclining chairs are more featured than a manual reclining chair, you need to ensure its maintenance. Only then can it run for a longer duration.

Choosing the perfect reclining chair for your purposes solely depends on how you prioritize a feature.

Is There Any Health Benefit to Sleeping in a Reclining Chair?

man sleeping in recliner 29

Initially, most of the traditional people will feel that it’s better to sleep in a bed, as you can sleep more comfortably there, right? Well, this assumption has a root in our upbringing. We are accustomed to sleeping in a bed and that’s why we tend to believe that it’s an amazing place to sleep or the only place to sleep.

But manufacturers of super comfort recliners seek to change that idea. In fact, some doctors even recommend some patients sleep in a reclining chair, depending on their health condition. Here are some benefits you can derive from a reclining chair:

  • Give relief to your back
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Sleeping in a reclining chair is soothing for the nerves
  • Digestion is also improved by sleeping in a reclining chair
  • Reclining chair ensures an easier breathing and anti-snoring experience to the users.
  • Sleeping on a reclining chair can fight against osteoporosis pain.

However, you need to ensure a few things before you want to sleep in a reclining chair. Remember that you need to invest in a fully reclining chair, where you can lie down. Otherwise, you may feel back or muscle pain because they can be strained due to the wrong posture. Also, make sure that your home has enough space to accommodate such a chair. Lastly,  consult a health physician before you want to sleep on a regular basis on a reclining chair. Some people may not have the proper health condition to deal with it.

What Is the Best Technique for Sleeping On a Reclining Chair Comfortably?

If you want to sleep in a reclining chair you need to first set the heights. The best thing about a reclining chair is that some of these features a footrest that allows you to keep your legs up. Also, if you are pregnant or you are suffering from severe back pain, sleeping in a reclining chair can be really beneficial for you. However, you need to ensure that the reclining chair has the proper bedding. Not only that it will keep your body warm, but it will also assist in you sleeping properly throughout the night. It is also important to select a warm and soft blanket if you want to sleep comfortably on a reclining chair.

Again, should you seek to have more support and sleep more cozily, you may want to use a pillow. Remember that a reclining chair can fully bend and you can lay flat, which is no different from a bed. So you don’t have to worry about its features. Only invest in good quality, a sturdy reclining chair that comes with strong screws.

Other than that, there is actually no difference between a fully reclining chair and a bed. So you can keep all your essential items like a pillow under the neck, as well as a pillow under the knees. With your feet, upward you will feel extreme comfort in a reclining chair, and find no difference between this one and your traditional bed.

Also, you can sleep in a better manner in the reclining chair, especially with dimmed lighting and no electronics. Just a side note, if you have bought a reclining chair with a builtin charger, be sure not to continue using it at night. This actually gives off an electric wavelength, which affects your health. This way, you will not affect your sleep with any light source or harmful electric rays.

Let’s get this straight. Reclining chairs can be a hit or miss when it comes to supporting for your back. If your back feels great once it is accustomed to the comfort of a reclining chair, then you can rest assured that you don’t have to face any trouble about it any longer. But if your back denies accepting the change from a traditional bed, then you will find discomfort while sleeping in a reclining chair. Sometimes it helps to have an open mind, accepting this change.

On the other hand, the type of reclining chair has a huge impact on whether your back will feel comfortable or not. Refer to the earlier section of our article, where various types of reclining chairs are mentioned, to choose what’s best. Because if you invest in the wrong chair, and your back doesn’t feel comfortable, it could be from the result of a bad choice. Also, it will be a pure misconception and a misjudgment to decide whether you feel comfortable to sleep in a reclining chair if you have not yet invested in a good quality chair initially. So this is the primary step.

Make certain that the reclining chair gives you proper lumbar support so that the lower back does not get strained. The reclining chair also needs to fit your body perfectly.

We have already mentioned the health benefits that you can derive simply by sleeping in a reclining chair. So that we’re clear, sleeping in a recliner can be beneficial, but if you haven’t purchased the right one with lumbar support, it can be harmful. Therefore you need to check if it has adequate support and space to stretch out, in order to avoid muscle tightening.

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

  • Is a reclining chair good for your back?

    As previously mentioned, yes it can be a good option if the right recliner is chosen. Get yourself a reclining chair that can provide proper support for your back. Meaning, one with a dedicated massage cushion behind the lumbar, which fills the gap between the back part of your body and the backrest of the recliner.

    Some may have started to plan on saving a few bucks on investing in a reclining chair with a massage cushion for the lumbar area and instead of using a pillow there. This may be a bad idea. An extra cushion doesn’t only make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping, but can also affect your health. Let us tell you a bit more about sleeping in a recliner vs bed. The cushion will not stay put, and will constantly shift, causing irritation while you’re sleeping. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a hard and good quality reclining chair, that has an inbuilt massaging cushion to support the lumbar area. Check out the best deals on recliners with ratings to get started.

  • How can I clean my reclining chair and maintain it?

    You can always clean and keep your reclining chairs well maintained just as you would do with any piece of furniture in your home. Simply use light scrubs and mild soap, only on stains. Also, maintaining the chair has the prerequisite condition that you don’t affect it much in the first place. We recommend you not to eat any gravy-like foods, while you are at the chair to avoid any spills. Also, hard drinks render a strong stain that is difficult to remove. If your reclining chair is made of fabric instead of leather, you may use a soft brush to remove the dust, dirt and other pet hair that could have stuck to the surface.

  • How many positions does a reclining chair offer?

    The positions offered with your reclining chair solely depends on the type of reclining chair you are buying. For instance, an ordinary reclining chair comes with only two positions. But modern and advanced reclining chairs are built with 3 positions. Depending on your budget, you can pick the preferable one. Of course, if you want to get better facilities from your reclining chair, you need to spend more bucks. Also, the chairs, be it manual or electric, come with a manual handle or remote controller, with which you can adjust the chair’s desired position.

  • Is the fabric of the reclining chair important when buying one?

    Of course, the fabric of the reclining chair is important. You need to take your time finding the right fabric, to avoid unforeseen circumstances later. Firstly determine how much time you are going to spend in the chair, and pick the fabric according to that. If you want to sit on the reclining chair during the summer season, you may opt for a microfiber one. Also, your surroundings and habits may also have an impact on your decision making. For example, if you are a regular drinker and want to eat or drink comfortably, you should go for leather material. They are easier to maintain, and the stains can be removed, with no fuss.  

  • Do all recliners lead to a fully reclined position?

    No. Every recliner doesn’t come with a feature that will fully recline. Some of the chairs may recline at 45 degrees, or a bit more, but not a total recline. Also, if you want to lie flat on the reclining chair, you have to ensure that the product you are buying offers that feature. Otherwise, you may regretfully discover, that the recliner you bought for sleeping will keep you awake. To stay safe from all these problems it’s better to minutely check out all the features of the reclining chair, before investing in one.

    We hope that our comprehensive guide will help you further understand how to choose the best reclining chair based on your health condition, figure and size of your home. Also, check out the best recliner reviews. Go through all the steps minutely, make informed decisions and buy the recliner that suits you, such as the best swivel rocker recliner, for yourself. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Best Recliners Comparison Chart




Max. Capacity


Homall Single Recliner Chair


29.2 x 20.7 x 27.7"

265 Pounds

High-quality PU leather

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman


25.5 x 21.5 x 38.5"

250 Pounds


ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner


38 x 35 x 40"

250 Pounds

Microfiber, Wood

FDW Recliner Chair


34 x 27 x 38.9"

265 Pounds

Waterproof durable PU

Esright Massage Recliner Chair (Heated)


33,5 x 35,8 x 43,2"

300 Pounds

PU leather

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner


34,6 x 30,7 x 41"

320 Pounds


Flash Furniture Kids Recliner with Storage Arms


39 x 25 x 28"

90 Pounds

Black Leather

U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair


33 x 44 x 35"

330 Pounds

PU Leather

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG and Ottoman


39 x 27,2 x 37,5"

250 Pounds


CANMOV Leather Recliner Chair


34.8 x 30.2 x 25.5"

300 Pounds

Faux Leather