Homall Single Recliner Chair

Homall Single Recliner Chair 5Are you the kind of person who after a long tiring day at work wants to come home, kick back and relax? Or are you someone who likes to sit comfortably for hours at a time, binge-watching your favorite show or finishing that book you just cannot put down?

Do you want to be able to do these things without risking a backache? What if we were to tell you that there is a one-stop solution to your comfort and medical woes? The answer is very simple, recliner chairs!

In this article, we’re presenting Homall Single Recliner Chair, which is one of the best selling products on Amazon. It consists of all sets of features that you’ll ever need in a recliner chair, and thus, we’re calling it an all-in-one deal. With all its features and quality, this product comes at a pretty affordable cost.

So, if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, Homall single recliner chair is something that you should look out for.

Product Description

Here is a list of all the winning features for the Homall chairs, which help narrow down why this product is on the top of our list:


The Homall Single Recliner Chair is a perfect option when deciding which recliner chair to choose especially if you are on a budget.  The chair is priced under $150, which is quite a deal as opposed to the price of other chairs. The chairs are available in six different colors, all neutral colors which can fit well with any color combination in your house.

High-Quality Upholstery

Homall chairs are made with the highest quality PU leather. The material is safe for all skin types, and will not cause any irritation or reactions to the skin, especially if it is sat in for longer durations. The PU leather is breathable and unlike most leathers out there, it does not stain easily. Moreover, the material is such that it is easy to clean.

Comfortable Padding

What makes the Homall Recliners stand out is their comfortable padding. Homall chairs use thicker density sponge padding, as opposed to other brands, which not only makes the chair comfortable to sit on but also resilient to wear and tear; thus ensuring the chair will last for quite a few years.

Push Back Design

The recliners can be adjusted in three different positions: you can sit upright, the chair can be laidback or be completely flat (especially if you want to nap on the chair). All the adjustments can be done without the aid of a lever. All you need to do is push back the foot and backrest to the position of your choice and it will lock into that position. If you want to bring the chair back to its original position, just push it back again.

Curved armrests and wide seating

Unlike most mainstream designs, the Homall recliners come with an upward curved armrest. The design ensures that your arms don’t tire out quickly. Similarly, they also have larger and more comfortable seats than most chairs, in order to ensure comfort for long sitting durations.

Foot padding

The chairs come with non-marking pads at the bottom of the chair. This ensures that if you move the chair around, your hardwood floors will be protected from any skid marks. This protection is not just limited to hardwood floors but also protects the carpets.

Pros and Cons:

As with any product, the Homall chairs also come with a list of pros and cons.


  • Homall Chairs are reasonably priced and high quality
  • The thick padding makes it comfortable
  • High-quality material makes it resilient to wear and tear
  • The material is easy to clean
  • The leather doesn’t stain easily
  • The push back mechanism is easy to operate
  • Variety of colors are available
  • Offers a long-lasting quality
  • It has a retractable footrest which can be adjusted to your liking
  • The chair can be adjusted in three different positions: upright, laid back and completely flat


  • Very basic design
  • The design is a bit narrower than most recliners
  • It requires some effort for adjusting it to the desired position.
  • Pushing in the footrest might also require a bit of effort
  • There is a lack of lumbar support
  • The dimensions of the chair may not be suitable for taller people

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a recliner chair?


Price is surely one of the most important factors to consider if you’re willing to get your hands on the perfect deal, without exceeding your budget. It’s certain that you’ll be tempted by many expensive recliner chairs, but it’s important to realize that you only need to buy something that totally fits your requirements, instead of spending extra bucks on features that you don’t really need.


Look out for something that goes along with the room color, or you might end up regretting your purchase.


You might need to readjust your room setting from time to time, so it’s probably a good idea to buy something that doesn’t weigh a lot.

How much effort is required in the push back?

An outstanding feature of the Homall Recliners is their push back mechanism. In order to adjust the position of the chair to your liking, you’ll have to put a bit of pressure into pushing back the backrest. For an average person, the push back will not require a lot of effort, and will easily be manageable. However, if you have any medical condition that limits the use of your legs, it might be a slight bit of a problem for you.

How big is the chair?

The dimensions of the chair provided are as such:

Seat Height: 17.7”;

Seat Dimensions:19.7″(W) x 22.1″(D);

Back Dimensions:20.9″(W) x 29.1″(H);

Open Dimensions: 27.6”(W) x 64.2”(D) x 27.9”(H);

Closed Dimensions:27.6”(W) x 35.8”(D) x 38.6”(H)

What is the maximum weight the recliner can withstand?

The Homall Recliners are able to support a maximum weight of 265lbs.


If you’re looking to invest in a budget-friendly recliner that fulfills the basic requirements and will last you for many years to come, the Homall Single Recliner is the chair to choose from. Comfortable and durable, this brand will not disappoint!

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