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CloudMassage Foot Massage Machine - Shiatsu Massager Review

Fasciitis Diabetics Neuropathy Circulation CloudMassage 6“Oh, my aching feet!”, is probably a phrase you’ve heard or said yourself at some point in your life. And for good reason too: Our feet literally carry all our weight throughout the day. The average person walks 115, 000 miles in a lifetime. That’s a lot of pressure on our feet! And to add pain to misery, if you suffer from diabetes or plantar fasciitis, then the pain only gets worse with time.

At the end of the day, you find yourself thinking, “what I wouldn’t do for a professional foot massage.” But when you really sit and think about it, taking the time out of your busy schedule to actually go get a massage, only seems like a hassle. Then another thought creeps in your mind, “what I wouldn’t do to be able to get a professional foot massage at home!” What if we were to tell you we have a solution for all of your foot woes, and it’s available to you right in the comfort of your own home?

The answer lies with the CloudMassage Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager. It provides the best massage for tired feet, calves, and toes; all while sitting comfortably in your favorite chair or watching your favorite television show. If you’re skeptical about foot massagers, rest assured we’ve come a long away from those mediocre plastic vibrating footrests. With advanced technology, the CloudMassage will cater to all your massage demands in terms of heat, pressure, and vibration, and will leave you feeling as good as new at the end of your tiring day.

Why the CloudMassage Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager?

Why go for this particular brand? Well for a number of reasons to be honest.

The CloudMassage foot massager is just as good as any professional giving you a massage and is perfect for tired feet, plantar fasciitis, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. With its medical-grade features, it increases circulation to increase blood flow, and the features for pressure and vibration can be adjusted according to your needs. It comes with an adjustable bar that provides a deep kneading shiatsu massage. Not to mention it can be adjusted in various positions, which also includes lying down flat in bed.

The dual massage feature allows for multiple settings for heat, air compression pressure, and vibration, which provides pain relief to your legs, feet, calves, ankles, and toes. The CloudMassage massager comes with an optional heat function, which allows you to slowly adjust the heat option to help capillary openings increase circulation. The heat is especially important to help warm up tight and sore muscles, tendons, and tissue. The vibration feature, although found on most massagers, is also a key feature. It helps stimulate blood flow, loosen up tight muscles and ease out any tension in your feet. A feature other massagers don’t usually have is the air compression. The air compression features works in a way that rather than having a particular area or hole that you need to stick your feet in, the inflatable cushions will adjust according to where you place your feet. This is vital in ensuring your comfort as you aren’t stuck in one position during the entirety of use, it allows wiggle space. The air compression also replicates the feeling of a shiatsu massage as it squeezes and kneads your feet.  The CloudMassage works on the pressure points in your feet to help soothe your sore muscles, and relieve any tightness in your general foot area.

Another reason to opt for the CloudMassage massager is it’s featured design, especially for your calves. Research has shown that treating problems like plantar fasciitis and heel pain can be helped by regularly stretching your calf muscles. The CloudMassage will relax calves, and free it from knots and tension.

After the first initial tries, don’t worry if you feel a slight soreness. As per the instruction guide provides, this is normal and means that the massager is working properly in achieving that deep tissue massage.


  • The adjustable bar feature allows for use in multiple positions
  • Can be adjusted for calf massage
  • Can be used in a laying down position
  • Medical grade features
  • Adjustable heat options
  • Easy to use
  • Size is according to both men and women
  • Comes with an instruction manual
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Comes with a refund policy


  • Slightly more expensive than other options
  • May initially cause soreness
  • Takes time to adjust with the massage
  • Makes loud suction like sounds during use

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this suitable for people with Diabetes?

This massager is ideal if you suffer from tired feet, plantar fasciitis, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Having said that, the use isn’t limited to those who suffer from the above-mentioned conditions, anyone who wishes to use it can!

Is it okay to use the massager if I have an injury?

While the heat option can be useful to comfort soreness and swelling, we would not recommend using the massager if you have a foot or ankle injury. Even if you use it on a low heat setting, it can cause further problems to the injury.

Do I have to sit in one position during the duration of the use?

Absolutely not! One of the key features of this massager, unlike most others, is that it is adjustable. If you want to sit on a high or low chair, lay down, or place your feet at a 90-degree angle, it’s all up to you!

How long should each massage session be?

The maximum usage time for each session should be around 15 minutes a day at most.


Although the CloudMassage massager is a slight bit more expensive than its alternatives, this particular brand will not disappoint when it comes to providing your foot comfort at the end of your long tiresome day. To add to its benefit, its medical-grade features will aid in improving your health. This portable massager allows you both foot comfort from the convenience of your own home. Compact enough to be tucked into a corner without being an eyesore, its definitely an investment we would suggest!

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