Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair Review


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Features and Programs

  • The Kahuna SM 7300 is enabled with Hip Air-Cell massage technology.
  • Massage chairs have acupressure points in the arm area.
  • For the entire body to feel relaxed, there are a wrap-around massage for the calf and foot.
  • The massage chair follows the arc of your spine to massage the area which stretches from the neck to the lower back, extending to the buttocks.
  • The Kahuna 7300 wheels are enabled with new SL-track technology, which comprises a roller system of 6 wheels. The additional two rollers enhance the performance of the chair, giving the chair versatile massage techniques.
  • The Kahuna SM 7300 massage chair accommodates individuals with bigger built too, as it has larger seating. The shoulder width in the chair is larger than the standard chairs. Despite having a larger area, it still accommodates the average body size and does not feel too big to sit.
  • The Kahuna massage chair consists of auto programs of 5 types. The new inclusions consist of 4 programs, thereby SM-7300 being the only chair that has nine auto programs for improved user experience and more options for massage programs.
  • The product is Space Saving and has Zero Gravity.
  • The massaging chair has a heating therapy for complete relaxation and massage.
  • The product has an upgraded LCD remote.
  • A leg covering zipper extension is also included in the product.
  • You can control the massage time up to half an hour.
  • The product has a LED light’s design.
  • The Rated Voltage is 110-120V.
  • The Rated Frequency of the massage chair is 50 or 60 Hz.
  • The Power Consumption of the product is 230W Max.
  • The chair dimension is 48x28x47 inches.


  • Kahuna SM 7300 Chair measurements: Width of 21 inches for seating; shoulder area of 24 inches width; leg extension of 12 inches
  • The product fits up to a height of 6.5ft and a weight of 320 lb
  • Air cell massage for the hip
  • Squeeze wrap around massage
  • Arm acupressure points
  • LED Lighting Design
  • Leg Covering with zipper
  • Material: Alloy Steel

Warranty & Service

  • Warranty: 2 years part and labor warranty included
  • Service: Seamless delivery service

Pros & Cons


  • Dynamic chair
  • Multifunctional massage chair
  • Sturdy
  • Accommodates larger builds
  • Comprises Heating Therapy
  • Ergonomic structural design
  • Space-saving technology


  • Operating the programs and the functions can become a little complicated.

Questions & Answers

Kahuna 7300 vs 7300s, Which is Better?

Both the chairs function the same. However, there is a slight difference. The massage system speed in Kahuna 7300 is up to 3 levels, whereas, in Kahuna 7300s, it is up to 5 levels.

Similarly, for the massage air intensity control, the Kahuna 7300 has three levels; in comparison, Kahuna 7300s has five levels.

Better functionality makes the chair better; in this case, Kahuna 7300s has better functionality. However, it also depends on individual requirements.

Is Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 the Same as the Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair?

No, both the massage chairs are different. The Kahuna SM 7300 massage chair has basic functionality, while Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 has advanced functionality.

Individuals can decide by analyzing their needs and budget.

What is the Zero-Gravity Position?

The zero-gravity position spreads the user’s weight across the chair. The zero-gravity position is the most effective one while getting a massage. The position can help the user get utmost relaxation and relieves stress deeply and intensely through great massage.

Due to the position, you would feel weightless; this is another effective way to reduce stress. Legs should be on higher level than the heart; this position has many beneficial effects and therapeutic effects.

What is Space-Saving Technology?

As the name suggests, this requires only 3 inches of wall in the zero-gravity position. The technology enables the chair to fit well with the furniture. Therefore, you can save space in your home or apartment.

What are the Five Auto Programs and the Four Special Auto Programs?

The Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair has five auto programs and four special auto programs to massage its users effectively.

The five auto programs as well as the four special auto programs are listed below:

  • Fast Recovery
  • Pain Relief
  • Athlete
  • Yoga Stretching
  • Relaxation
  • Golfer
  • Senior Mode
  • Dynamic Sport
  • Office Person

According to your needs, these auto programs and special auto programs aim to provide massages in different ways. You can look up their functions in the guide.

Kahuna SM 7300 Massage Chair Video Review