RENPHO EM-2016C Deep Tissue Massager


Features and Programs

RENPHO Rechargeable Massager Muscles Shoulder 5Handheld massagers are becoming quite popular these days. There are many reasons for this surge in their fan following, but the most important ones are portability and their effectiveness. An important question arises here. Are all handheld deep tissue massagers equally effective? We know you have guessed the answer already. Which product, we ask ourselves, is the best or one of the best? A cursory glance at a shelf in the market of handheld massagers gives us the answer: RENPHO EM-2016C Deep Tissue Massager. There are many reasons why we fell for the RENPHO handheld massager. Let us discuss them, one by one.

Percussion massages are becoming quite popular these days. Because the process of tissue repair is accelerated to an unbelievable pace via such a massage, more and more people believe in this therapy. The RENPHO deep tissue massager for muscles is one great tool for percussion massages. This kind of massage can help alleviate pain in your shoulders, neck, arms, and back. Then we look at the design of RENPHO handheld full body massager and realize it is just another reason to love the product. The massager features a powerful motor, which is essential to its task. The motor works at nearly 3600 pulses per minute. We also loved the fact that RENPHO installed a 20-minute based auto shut down feature as well. Portability is one of the key qualities of any quality deep tissue massager. The RENPHOM rechargeable (yes folks, battery) handheld deep tissue massager is certainly what we were looking for in this category of massagers.

Let us discuss the most important bit now. How does the RENPHO handheld massager work? Well, there are different massage head attachments, which provide different sorts of experience. The round-ball head is ideal for a deep tissue massage. If you are feeling that some of your muscles need unknotting, especially in the shoulder and back area, you can opt for this head. The one point head follows the same script. For an arm or leg massage, we would recommend using the curved head. The 3-points head is ideal for alleviating the pain of joints, and areas like knees, ankles, and shoulder blades. If you cannot pinpoint the precise location of pain, you might as well choose the 3-intensive head, which covers a large area. It is only the last two heads, which are rubber coated. Now, do not you love the thoroughness of the process through which this handheld massager works?

The surprises do not end here. Have a look at the specs, and then get some shocks in the pros and cons section. Oh, and we knew you will have questions!


Battery capacity: 2600 mAh

Battery time: 2 hours and 20 minutes

Massage heads: 5

Weight: 1.8lbs

Voltage: DC8.4 V 9W

Warranty & Service

RENPHO offers a one-year warranty on this deep tissue massager. Besides, if by misfortune, you get a faulty massager, you do not have to panic. The nice folks at customer care will take care of the matter. If your claim is verified, you will be sent a new package.

Pros & Cons


  • Color range- This elegant looking deep tissue massager is available in two colors. These include black and white.

  • Cordless- This is one of the biggest perks you get with this massager. You will have to recharge the battery, but not before you use the massager for 140 minutes straight.


  • Not as powerful as some of the other makes.

  • Plastic heads are cold. Manufacturers might want to switch something like rubber in the future.

Questions & Answers

Renpho Massager Details 6Are the batteries replaceable?

No, they cannot be replaced. However, since these batteries are made of high-quality lithium, you are unlikely to feel the need of replacing them, for at least 3 or 4 good years.

Can I use this device for a foot massage?

This is not recommended. It can prove to be dangerous as well.

How many speeds this device operates on, can they be adjusted?

There are three-speed levels, on which this massager can operate. You will have to select from one of these levels.

Does this device meet the FSA eligibility?

Yes, this deep tissue massager meets the required FSA criterion.

What is the battery mAh?


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