RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat RF-EM001


Features and Programs

RENPHO Massager 3Close your eyes for a moment, and calculate the number of hours you spend every day, staring at the screen. Laptop, smartphone, tablet, or whatever. Model or make does not matter. What matters is that your eyes are under a strain continuously. If you have not registered it yet, let us clue you in. Too much of this strain is dreadful for your eyes. Not only eyes, but it can also affect your mental concentration. You probably do not want to look at another screen for a good period! 

However, RENPHO has a solution for you. An air-compression eye massager. The RENPHO eye massager. Before we go into the details of this massage therapy, you must know what you will get in return, if you opt for an eye massage. Well, we promise you that your eyes will not hurt the same way again, probably forever. A massage of this nature is bound to improve sleep, as well as restore your dry eyes to their original state. Oh, and it gives you a chance to say goodbye to those dreadful eye bags that tarnish your looks horrendously. Now that we have tempted you with the proposition, let us have a closer look at this massager for relief in eyestrain. It is a combination of techniques employed by RENPHO for relaxing eye completely. There is kneading, percussive, rhythmic, and trigger point massage, all snowballed, performed for providing relief to your eye under the strain. Sounds a mouthful, but that is what happens. Throw in the heat therapy as well. Via heat therapy, this rechargeable eye therapy massager makes sure that eyes are not puffy or dry anymore. The heat is not a scorching one but is pure warmth.

Portability is one of the key features of any massager, be whether it releases your eyes or your feet from the shackles of fatigue. The RENPHO eye massager is a great example of portability. You can simply fold this product and put it in a case. That way, you can take it with you any place you like. The EM001 eye massager from RENPHO reflects all the modern-day essential features like music, Bluetooth, and customization. We can safely say that the device offers your eyes, a very chilling and relaxing experience altogether.

Wait, that is not all. We have some surprises waiting for you in the specification section.


Power supply: DC Input voltage

Package has 1 Eye massager, 1 USB cable and a user manual to guide you.

Suitable head circumference: 25.6 inches or less

Temperature: 40-42 Celsius degree.

Warranty & Service

The product offers one year of warranty, which is applicable from the day it was purchased. Special care is given to the packaging of the contents; hence, no major complains are expected once you unbox the parcel.

Pros & Cons


  • Interesting Interface- Well more than interesting, it is very simple and convenient. Eye massages were never that easy to have!

  • Accessories- The device comes with all the required accessories, like a USB cable.


  • Noisy – Providing a quieter experience in the future is perhaps something the manufacturers can work on.

  • Audio – It is not terrible, but it is not majestic either. Therefore, for those who do not listen to music during the massage, this will not matter.

Questions & Answers

Does this product work for migraines?

Although that is not what this product was designed to treat, the effect on migraines is a downregulating one. Therefore, we can say that the product does work for migraines as well.

Is it possible to activate heat and deactivate the rest of the features?

No, you will have to use all these features simultaneously.

How long before you feel the promised magic taking place.

It takes about 15 minutes before you begin to feel the good happening around your eyes.

Is there a limit on using this device?

We are not aware of such limits; you can use RENPHO eye massager every day of every week of every year of your life.

Can I sleep on the side while using this device? 

YES, there is no harm or danger posed to you, if you do that.

RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat RF-EM001 Video Review