Snailax SL-363M Memory Foam Massage Mat with Heat


Features and Programs

SNAILAX Massage Vibration Mattress Massager 5The Snailax SL363M massage pad with a heating pad is a product to behold. Not your average massage mat that provides the kind of heat therapy that sears the skin. No, sir. This is pure gold. Before we jump into the features of the Snailax SL363M massage mat with heat, you must register something important. If you are looking for shiatsu massager with all those rollers, then this product is not for you. However, if what you seek is an excellent 10 motors vibrating massage mattress pad to dissolve your fatigue into nothingness, pray to continue reading this article.

There are so many mesmerizing features of Snailax memory foam massage mat, where do we start? Ah, yes. Let us start with the feature that made this mat so popular. Yes, it is foldable. You can practically fold and store this massage cushion, take it with you and use it anywhere you like. Is it not just awesome! The fact that this massage mat uses 10 motors-based vibrational massages to relieve you of all your pains and fatigue says a lot about its efficiency. This massage mattress pad comes with five different massage modes and 3 different intensity levels. You can select a massage program, run it at your desired intensity level, and say goodbye to any pain that you might be feeling.

An important feature of the Snailax massage pad is the comforting heat therapy it provides. Again, the manufacturers have surpassed all previous levels of excellence by installing six heating pads for this purpose. These pads target areas like the neck, back, thighs, hips, legs, and cover the full body as well. You can use these pads independently as they work separately. To ensure there are no incidents or accidents, the Snailax massage mat comes with an Overheat protection mechanism as well. The massage takes about five minutes to warm up to the task.

Versatility is one of the main highlights of this massage mat from Snailax. You can use it at home, in the car, while chilling on your sofa. The location does not matter. What does matters is how efficient and effective the product is. In our point of view, it is one from the top of the shelf. However, if you still want more insight, let us jump to the specifications for finer details.


Shipping weight: 7.5 pounds

5 pre-program massage modes

6 heating pads

Auto shut down timer- 30 minutes

Maximum temperature achieved 124 ºF

Warranty & Service

There is no mention of a warranty on the Amazon product page. However, customer feedback is an awesome one. That led us to believe that the issues were readily solved by Snailax support center, you can reach out to them in case of any issues.

Pros & Cons


  • Premium padding – If you opt for the standard version of this product, you will get a high-density foam padding. The same goes for the upgraded version. If you want to feel the real lush, we recommend the deluxe model that offers memory foam and high-density foam.

  • Pillow – You get one with the upgraded or deluxe models.

  • High-quality material- Soft polyester in the standard version or optics soft plush in the advanced makes. Both of these are top materials, ones that contribute to maximal comfort and relief.


  • Motor alignment- This is an issue for people with height, say 5’5. The 10 massage motors will not align with your body very well if you are any shorter than this height. This naturally results in terrible inconvenience.

  • The product does not work on batteries, something that could have enhanced the portability factor.

Questions & Answers

Does it come with a timer?

Yes, the massage mat comes with an automatic timer.

Does the remote control system come with indicator lights?

Yes, the remote control comes with indicator lights.

On what kind of furniture’, can this massage mat be used?

This massage mat can be used on a recliner, chair, and any couch. It is quite flexible and foldable.  

Is it battery or cord operable? 

The product works with an electrical cord only.

Is this mat safe to safe to sleep on?

Yes, this massage mat is safe to sleep on.

Snailax SL-363M Memory Foam Massage Mat with Heat Video Review