Snailax SL-233 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager


Features and Programs

Snailax Massager Kneading Adjustment Shoulder 5There are so many things to like about the awesome Snailax shiatsu neck and back massager with heat. The first thing that catches your eye is the adjustability that Snailax shiatsu neck massager offers. This elegant looking massage chair comes with four massage nodes. These nodes are the reason why this massage chair is so efficient in its functions. The coolest bit about these nodes is that you can adjust them as well. Snailax SL-233 back massager also utilizes four massage nodes, which can relieve your back of any pains that you might have developed during your long sojourn at the office desk. These shiatsu nodes come with optional heat function, something that guarantees one hundred percent comfort and relief.

Comfort is not just the function of this massager. The Snailax back and seat massager gives you an option to use this massage cushion on a variety of furniture, including sofas, recliners, or even dining chairs. The fact that its width is quite adjustable is yet another alluring feature of this back massager.

We said earlier that we loved how adjustable this massage chair is. Well, the fact that you can adjust the intensity of your massage simply doubles the delight. Not many necks and back massagers out there offer you such command and control on intensity. However, with Snailax shiatsu neck massager, you can customize your massager at two levels, thus relieving your body of any pain at any level you might be feeling.

Spot massages are rare in the average massagers you find in the market. However, with the Snailax shiatsu neck and back massager, you can direct your massager to a particular point on your body, the on where it hurts precisely. This feature increases your range of choices. The three areas that are dedicated to the spot massage are full back, upper back, and the lower back. We have already talked about different intensity levels, which help you in having an awesome vibration seat massage as well.

Versatility, we have talked about but portability, we have not. The fact that you can use this wonderful massager at home as well as at office means that you will not be spending many hours in fatigue. At home, the experience becomes much more enjoyable. You can enjoy the massage while Netflixing and chilling. A massage at the office is only going to improve your concentration level and decrease the fatigue that you might feel because of all the exhaustive work.

In terms of design, this is a wonderful and elegant looking massage chair. We believe that it is the smartest chair out there as well, with many of its features portraying modern-day technology. Ah, but we must not spill all the secrets here. We have some wonderful features to share in the upcoming passages as well. For now, let us jump to the specifications.


Shipping Weight: 15.5 pounds

Massage nodes: 4

The voltage it is safe to use with: 110-120 V & 220-240 V

Massage zones: 3

Warranty & Service

We hear that the Snailax’s customer care is an excellent one. If you have any issues with the massager you bought, you can consult the folks over there.

Pros & Cons


1- Remote control- You can customize your massager with the help of an easy to operate the remote control. Please note that this remote control is a corded one.

2- Detachable cover- This cover is for the neck and serves as a flap for the back. The cover is easily washable as well.


1- Dimensions are suitable for tall people, mostly.

Questions & Answers

Can you turn the heat on and off during the massage? 

Yes, but the heat function works only when the massage function is on.

Is this massager suitable for 220 volts?

Yes, the adapter is safe to use with this particular voltage.

For what height, is this massage chair suitable?

This chair is suitable for 1.6-1.8m tall people.

How can one adjust the height?

You can press the arrow button on the controller, to adjust the height of nodes to your desired levels.

How big does the chair have to be? 

A deep-seated chair ought to do the trick in most cases.

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